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te·​na·​cious\ tə-ˈnā-shəs  \

- showing power to resist or to endure, persisting in existence; not easily dispelled


- determined in attitude, maintaining, adhering to, or seeking something valued or desired

TEAM Tenacious

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Submit a Project

Creatives are invited to submit proposals for projects and funding, with the full support of Studio 10 and the Creative Hub community.  


Projects can include the likes of photo or video shoots, exhibitions, music performances, podcasts, livecast sessions etc etc. 

Any technical issues with interactive form on link below, get in touch,



Subscribers will have exclusive access to content, knowing that they are supporting freelancers and creatives directly, along with opportunities to own original artworks, and entry to exhibitions, musical performances and events.

Subscribers can create a member's log in at top right of screen for updates.

Let's support each other and everyone wins!



Donate to keep creative freelancers and small businesses going during this tough time. 


Creatives and freelancers depend on income from bookings which have had to be cancelled due to the current global Covid19 pandemic, adding enormous financial stress to many, as well as health concerns.


We are very grateful of any donation you can make, every bit helps.  Thank you for your support, please stay safe!

Revolut +353 86 351 4303


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